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KumaSiCenter.org was created as a learning center to offer you the best White Cloud Cigarettes coupon and information about electronic cigarettes. I hope that you’ll be able to make the switch to electronic cigarettes and kick the butt!

Happy Vaping!
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How Do White Cloud Cigarettes Work?

Started in 2011, White Cloud Cigarettes have become a useful tool for helping smokers switch to a healthier alternative across the world. Thousands of people in different countries use them as an alternative to smoking. In recent times, electronic cigarettes have been sold and accepted as a safe alternative to tobacco smoking. There have, of course, been studies that seem to indicate these cigarettes are just as bad as conventional cigarettes, but nothing has been conclusively proven so far.

1.How do White Cloud electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes also use nicotine, making them as effective as nicotine replacement treatment. They deliver the chemical via vapor instead of smoke, and the nicotine is still derived from tobacco. This process, however, is considerably less harmful than smoking. These cigarettes are essentially battery-powered cartridges that simulate the effect of smoking a cigarette by heating a liquid with nicotine into vapor. It has helped a lot of people kick their smoking habit successfully.

2.Studies associated with electronic cigarettes

So far, there have been very few studies that delve into the effects and dangers of these electronic cigarettes. Most studies are small, with 20 or less people being studied and conclusions being drawn. However, considering the dangers associated with regular cigarette smoking, the current data regarding electronic cigarettes show that their effect is a lot less harmful. Therefore, they can be used to substitute the nicotine addiction and oral fixation with conventional cigarettes.

3.Why are White Cloud electronic cigarettes so effective?

Electronic cigarettes are currently the only form of smoking cessation and alternative which actually satisfies all the needs of a smoker. It addresses the chemical craving of nicotine by delivering limited amounts, which helps the smoker stop his or her usage over time. Apart from that, it also satisfies the psychological need of smokers to hold the cigarette in their hand, light it, and inhale and exhale it. By satisfying every need of the smoker, electronic cigarettes help people quit.

4.Criticism surrounding electronic cigarettes

Despite their effectiveness and usefulness, electronic cigarettes have not escaped criticism. Some small studies have suggested that these cigarettes may be associated with breathing and lung problems. Other suggests that they may cause heart problems. While electronic cigarettes do cause a small increase in blood pressure, it is much less than the effect continuous tobacco smoking would have on the heart and lungs. These electronic cigarettes do not have the thousands of dangerous chemicals present in conventional cigarettes besides nicotine, which is one of the main reasons they are far less harmful.

5.How much nicotine is present in electronic cigarettes?

The primary complaint about electronic cigarettes is that the amount of nicotine in them is not known. While there are currently no regulations regarding the amount of nicotine in these cigarettes, studies have shown that they contain only a moderate amount. Moreover, electronic cigarettes have also been tested for carcinogens, and so far, there are none. Some studies did detect formaldehyde and a few other carcinogens, but the level of concentration was anywhere between 500-1,400 times less than that present in a conventional cigarette.


KumaSiCenter.org was created as a learning center to offer you the best White Cloud Cigarettes coupon and information about electronic cigarettes. I hope that you’ll be able to make the switch to electronic cigarettes and kick the butt!

Happy Vaping!
-Jim Kuma

White Cloud Cigarettes Holiday Coupon

White Cloud Cigarettes is offering a limited-time promotion in the spirits of the holidays. You can now purchase their Cirrus 2 electronic cigarette for a reduced price of $49.95. You can get an additional 15% discount by using one of our White Cloud coupons.

White Cloud Cigarettes Discount

White Cloud Cigarettes is one of the most popular electronic cigarettes, and a great way to get your friends or family members to drop that tobacco and start vaping.

Currently, White Cloud offers several types of starter kits, starting from around $20 and going up to $150. You can also purchase a White Cloud fling which is only $6 per disposable e-cig.

Regardless, you’ll be saving a lot of money when switching to electronic cigarettes. So what are you waiting for? Grab one of our White Cloud discounts and start a healthier lifestyle.

Note: White Cloud Cigarettes coupons and discounts can be used once per person. Coupons don’t apply to purchases from retail stores, only valid for only shopping at www.Whitecloudelectroniccigarettes.com.


KumaSiCenter.org was created as a learning center to offer you the best White Cloud Cigarettes coupon and information about electronic cigarettes. I hope that you’ll be able to make the switch to electronic cigarettes and kick the butt!

Happy Vaping!
-Jim Kuma

Who is smoking e-cigarettes?

Every now and then, new innovations appear; but not all make a sizable impression. When e-cigarettes came up to challenge the market of traditional cigarettes, people thought that this trend will fast vapor out. However, e-cigarettes such as White Cloud Cigarettes have, over time, shown promise and herald a great and healthier substitute for the paper versions.

Popularity of traditional cigarettes…

Traditional cigarettes are increasingly popular because of two reasons; firstly, they are highly addictive (generally, carcinogenic products tend to be addictive). Secondly, there is some magic in the inhaled smoke and the puff coming out in various shapes. Since it is a slow poison and doesn’t give immediate warning signals, people continue smoking.

…And the harm

However, the fact remains that these cigarettes are not only immensely dangerous for your lungs and physical functions; they also form a circle of harm for your neighbors when you smoke. In contrast, e-cigarettes have only a marginal amount of nicotine and are largely imitative but lack any real harmful trait. Thus, people are gradually turning to e-cigarettes. In fact, almost 2.5 million people switched to the electronic version in USA, a country which shows the trend in many areas in current world.

E-cigarette design

E-cigarette has a similar make as a traditional cigarette. The stub contains a sensor that activates the inherent atomizer when you put it in your mouth. The chemical energy heats the atomizer which steams the resident liquid. Vapors erupt as a result; giving a sensation of smoking; only it is referred to as ‘vaping’. There is even a LED light at that front-end replicating the blaze of traditional cigarette. Since the mechanism is vastly similar to smoking, smokers find the switch easy.


The question ‘who is smoking e-cigarettes’ has subjective answer. Mainly, traditional smokers are making the switch, although they miss the zing that high-quantity nicotine tends to bring. There are many, including females that find e-cigarettes stylish and jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, its mechanism is also drawing in school kids. Since the purchase of e-cigarettes is legal, the age bar has somewhat reduced. Many celebrities like Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl and Robert Pattinson also vape.

The lost battle

These cigarettes contain Diethyl Propylene to add some color to the vapor, which is otherwise colorless and odorless. This is an anti-freezing agent, used to de-ice planes and FDA has combined this factor with nicotine presence to suggest that e-cigarettes are harmful. Yes, they have lost the prohibition case in the court of law, but they are pushing their weight and research studies to enlighten people that they should abstain from e-cigarettes. On the contrary, they should be happy that e-cigarettes are finally putting people off the original and dangerous cigarettes.

There are a few countries that have banned e-cigarettes such as Singapore, Brazil, Australia and Hong Kong. Yet, its popularity is on an up with support coming from USA, France and a strong of other developed countries. It will however be better if e-cigarettes modulate the mechanism a bit and find healthier substitutes for nicotine and Diethyl Propylene.

Are you ready to start vaping e-cigarettes? If so, head over to our White Cloud Cigarettes discount section and take advantage of the promo codes we have on offer. These coupons will help you save an incredible amount of money, and therefore, make the process to switching to e-cigs much easier.


KumaSiCenter.org was created as a learning center to offer you the best White Cloud Cigarettes coupon and information about electronic cigarettes. I hope that you’ll be able to make the switch to electronic cigarettes and kick the butt!

Happy Vaping!
-Jim Kuma

Often when you act to cut down the cost factor, you have to compromise on class. While this may do for certain materials, electronic cigarettes belong to a different category as any modulation there is going to harm your body. Figuratively speaking, cheap electronic cigarettes will not look different from a standard e-cigarette. The mechanism is similarly electronic and the process is also the same. The difference, if any, is in the content.

The mechanical differences

There are some mechanical differences and some inherent ones. The cheaper cigarette will have lithium batteries that don’t run for long and need quick recharging. The dual coil atomizer is of course out of the question. There may even be issues with the vaporizing or atomizing. Yet, while these are graded issues, these don’t harm your body in any way. You have to concentrate more on the thought-provoking differences.

The provoking differences  

Nicotine content is a glaring issue when you compare electronic cigarettes. The standard ones that are admittedly costlier keep the premise definitive. You won’t get more than 10% nicotine than what is present in traditional paper cigarettes. The cheap versions increase the percentage, only to cash on the regular smoker’s propensity of inhaling more nicotine. Even the content of Propylene Glycol falls in dangerous proposition with cheap cigarettes, while standard e-cigarettes contain them in minimal amount. You feel satisfied ‘vaping’ standard electronic cigarettes as they run for graded time and offer consistent and smooth vapors. This consistency will get disturbed with cheap e-cigarettes, owing to below average mechanism. The e-liquid will also contain more flavors than normal and thus the context becomes hugely attractive for kids. All these considerations make cheap e-cigarettes a strong factor for addiction.

The complications they cause

It is an open secret that FDA wants e-cigarettes to be banned, or at least regulated. These cheap e-cigarettes present themselves in such poor light that FDA is bound to find its contention strong. They are cutting down the relatively beneficial and strong points that standard e-cigarettes have cut for themselves. In time, these cheap e-cigarettes may cause a big difference to the mortality rate than what standard electronic cigarettes will create. The inconsistent vapor inhalation will harm lungs and, in effect, the heart. The big problem is that chain smokers will habitually find cheaper propositions more attractive, as they resemble traditional cigarettes more in action and also come cheap.

What should be done?

While some leeway may be granted to cheaper e-cigarettes, there can be no compromise on content or quality. You cannot play with health issues only to allow for cheaper prices. That being said, it won’t be easy to keep off the sale of inexpensive e-cigs if electronic cigarettes are not banned in total. E-cigarette manufacturers and controllers have a serious job at hand.


KumaSiCenter.org was created as a learning center to offer you the best White Cloud Cigarettes coupon and information about electronic cigarettes. I hope that you’ll be able to make the switch to electronic cigarettes and kick the butt!

Happy Vaping!
-Jim Kuma

White Cloud Cigarettes Phantom Kit Review

If you want a discrete way to vape, then the Phantom starter kit by White Cloud Cigarettes is what your are looking for. The ability to enjoy a nicotine hit wherever and whenever you like is one of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarettes. Given the current laws electronic cigarettes users are exempt from smoking regulations. This allows them to use their devices in places such as bars, nightclubs, airports, cruise ships and other locations that would normally be off limits. However, these laws in many parts of the country are already tightening and electronic cigarettes may be soon classed the same as regular cigarettes. Using the Phantom electronic cigarette ensures that you get to enjoy the freedom of using your device on your terms.

Overview Of The Phantom Starter Kit

The Phantom kit is designed with stealth in mind. It features a black matte finish and a blackout LED tip which means that when it is being used it is barely visible to the naked eye. Because e-cigarettes only produce a water vapor, you also do not get the tell tale scent that normal tobacco cigarettes produce.

One of the other key advantages of the White Cloud Cigarettes Phantom kit has incorporated their innovative Cirrus 3X ultra long life batteries. These batteries can produce over 600 puffs before needing to be recharged. This is three times as long as a standard battery. This makes the Phantom perfect if you want to use your device throughout the day or for long evening of fun. Because of the long battery life of the Phantom it takes approximately 120 minutes in order to fully recharged. Thankfully, White Cloud has included three batteries with the starter kit so you can always have a battery ready to use.

Most electronic cigarettes feature a glowing LED tip when being used. This signals to the user that the device is working and gives the impression of smoking a regular cigarette. Unfortunately this also alerts other people around you, that you are using the device. The blackout tip on the Phantom does not glow, which makes the device even more discrete.

What Is Included In The Phantom Starter Kit

The Phantom Starter kit includes three Cirrus 3X long life lithium batteries. It also includes five packs of smooth draw cartridges. You can select whichever flavor you prefer for these cartridges. The starter kit has two different types of chargers, the squid charger and the AC/DC adapter. Both chargers are in stealth black so that they are as difficult to detect as the device itself. Finally the Phantom Kit comes with a jet black lockable presentation case, to keep your electronic device secure and out of sight.

White Cloud Cigarettes Phantom Kit Review Summary

The Phantom starter kit is perfect electronic cigarette users who want a more discrete experience. Whether you would prefer that friends, family and co-workers don’t know that you enjoy the occasional nicotine hit or you want to be able to use your device in public without being disturbed, the Phantom is a fantastic solution. The Phantom starter kit comes with a two year extended warranty and full customer support so you can buy with confidence.

Also read our full White Cloud Cigarettes starter kit guide for more information, or use one of our coupons to save a few bucks when purchasing the Phantom kit.